Championship Rules


Kata Eliminations:  
Until 16 Flag System
Heian 2 - Tekki 1
Until 08 Flag System SHITEI KATA:
Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Jion, Enpi
Until 04 Flag System SENTEI KATA:
Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Jion, Enpi, Hangetsu
Finals Point System TOKUI KATA:
JKA Shotokan Kata



Kumite Eliminations:  
Ippon Shobu JKA WF Rules
Finals Sanbon Shobu:
JKA WF Rules

Preparation of Protection Gear:
Each contestant should bring one's own protection gear: gloves, “WHITE” teeth protection, chest protectors (for ladies) are compulsory. Groin protections are recommended for men.
Gloves should be approved by JKA (only white).
Any contestant who wears contact lenses should bring one's own spare lenses and contestants are required to re-attach the spare lenses within 2 minutes in case the lenses come out during the match.

One Country One Delegation:
Even if more than one organisation exists in one country, they must discuss with each other to comply with the regulation, which limits each country to one delegation.

Other Matters:
Officially appointed tournament doctors and staff will be present and administer first aid.
The doctors hold the decision making authority to decide if any injured contestant can continue the event or should withdraw from it.
Each contestant must carry personal health insurance and is responsible for his / her own health care and will have no claims to the tournament doctors.
Each competitor is required to sign a disclaimer as part of the application process.
It is each representative country’s responsibility to check their visa requirements for entry into the Republic of Irealnd.
JKA Ireland cannot be held responsible for any refusal of entry to the Republic of Ireland.

Event Organiser
Japan Karate Association Ireland

JKA Ireland Hombu Dojo, Unit 12A College Commercial Park, Magazine Rd.,
Dennehy's Cross, Cork City, Rep: of Ireland.

T: 353 21 4801448 M: 353 87 4133653 E: W:

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